In a dream I was a werewolf
My soul was filled with crystal light
Lavender ribbons of rain sang
Ridding my heart of mortal fight.

You must must look her up! She is a singer, a great one.
Although her music is sorta scene and indie alot love her!


I've got a story

Dear Life,

Please bring me picnic's on the beach, Bonn fires, money, shopping and happiness because right now, you, life have brought me nothing but boring long days I spend alone, headaches, and babysitting jobs. Fun?- No.

Love always,
Samantha James

Sorry I have been a little MIA at the moment, for what its worth, I surprisingly, have not cared about clothes. I already got my clothes now I have to go shopping for my soccer/dance clothes soon! Yay! Anyway my day's have been filled with a sleepy dark depressing mood, that covers me in aches and pains all throughout my body. Headaches, blind spotted eyes and no one, I repeat no one to hangout with.

I have fiends, actually...I was supposed to go to the beach today with my friend Jackie, but the sun decided it didn't want to come out, and I have a babysitting job in an hour or so. Ugh my fun filled life has been temporarily on hold and has brought me no parties, no laughter, no...FUN.
Way to spend the last week and a half of summer, eh?

Right now as I type I'm sitting at my desk in my room, with the blinds closed and a huge mess of sheets and clothes bundled up and scattered through-out my room, so number one tip- STORAGE. Something that's not processed through my dizzy lazily head, yet.

**I'm going to put a list together of amazing skin care products, sunscreens, and hair products of the era. Then a list of great makeup. Trust me, I'm only 14-but and I say but- I'm a sephora/cvs addict so I have about in time tried EVERYTHING to know whats good for who. Cocky? Yeah sorta. True? Most defiantly.

Left- Diva<-------> Right- Esme


Art is?

What is art? By definition art is described as, "the products of human creativity"
which in my opinion I do suggest that is right. But there is a little more too it.
Or allot, that's why I have decided to name my blog something cheesy related to art.
Art is a way to center yourself, to express your individuality, and to be creative.
And a big part of art is to find your inspiration. As for me, I am an/and want to be, soon to be actress.
I went to a summer camp called Idlywild, an art's academy and not only was the camp on a gorgeous location, with full-grown redwoods, freshly cut grass, the beautiful open sky, and perfect people, but it had inspiring young adults, absolutely breath taking.
It makes you want to re-think your choices in life.

I met allot of wonderful people. In fact my 2 roommates where dancers.
The people across the hall from my room, where actors like me!

(And just an FYI, acting on camera, and theatre are to completely different things. So theatre experience isn't going to cut it in the movie business.)

My friends ranged from: Comedians, actors, dancers, fine artists, directors and singers.
I went to a choir concert and it was unbelievable, these young kids have the voices of angels.
But anyway, art can we expressed in so many different forms and allot of people really don't understand what it is. But to start its, special to have artistic ability since if nobody had it, than everybody would be dull.



Obsessed over boot's.




A couple of day's ago, the 2010 Emmy awards brought television star's from all around, on to the red carpet, touched up with perfect makeup, and expensive dresses and 4 inch stiletto's if any of the stars had a sense of fashion; they would present themselves with a lace figured dress, such as Heidi Klum did. She rocked a short lace embroidered black dress by, Marchesa.
This dress was a broad choice, considering you don't need as much accessories, just your long legs, a bulky necklace and your heels, and throw on some red lipstick which Heidi, unfortunately lacked and your good to go! Besides lace, allot of the stars rocked an in-season color, Lilac the future color of my parents room! More like a light lavender, which defiantly looks good on this red head, Christina Hendricks. A vintage looking dress, with the seasons hottest color, Lilac, hugs the figure of Christina perfectly, and shapes her bust into an elegant v. Topped with feather's flying down from her ruffly short sleeves on her shoulders, and falling down to the floor, of her gown, perfectly placed. A marvelous dress by Zac Posen.


Hi my name is Sam.

Today I saw the other guys, I do have to admit it was humorous, but it didn't make me cry of laughter which I was sort of hoping, like in the commercials. It was oki. But good, still worth the money, it was something to do...but anyway yesterday I went school shopping with a limited budget and since I do have to admit I'm such a great shopper I got over 7 outfits at about $200.
Plus a backpack and face wash, makeup etc. All brand names too. How did I do it??

1.) Plan ahead, what you want.
2.) Don't be afraid, to shop sale's as long as its not ripped and bad quality.
3.) Take your time roaming other store's, comparing.
4.) Pick things out that you know you can mix with other stuff.
5.) Some extra help from madre, on the shoe's and other stuff. ;]

I will post pictures of the outfits I got, where I got it from, and price.


Should I still be a fashion blogger? Life blogger? Or photography?


I'm back.

Yeah, It's safe to say I gave up, I lost, my inspiration, but it's also safe to say that I re-gained that inspiration coming back from the best and brightest place I have ever set foot at.
A little town called Idlywild.
I went to a camp 2 hours from Los Angeles, up a big mountain, above palm springs.
A place I never thought I'd blend with, never thought I'd care for. I came there to do what I came to do nothing else. Never expected to change my way of life, never expected to find a new family, or to re-gain inspiration never expected to come home crying wanting to be back there. Where the tree's hung long and slim, and I lay under the stars, the milky way. Where I was surrounded, by inspiring caring people. Dancers, singers, artists, actors, musicians. Anything and everything that has to do with art.
I for one, was there for acting on camera. And I for one, came home new and whole again.
I met my new family, I breathed the air of my new home and for this 2 year project I am determined to go back there, not just for summer camp but for boarding school junior, senior year. I make a promise to myself that thy shall accomplish in time.
This year I am going to high school, I am in the performing arts magnet, I will be at school from 7:40 to 4:30.
I will work my ASS OFF.
After the long day, that includes, math, science, Shakespeare, literature, drama, dance, and Spanish, I will come home to more dance, homework, vocal lessons and studying.
Great. And this blog will hopefully keep my spirit and inspiration alive.


Melrose fleemarket

Hey. How was your memorial weekend?
I know my weekend was great, and getting back to school today was defiantly the hard part, considering that I could barely hold my head up I was so tired, and craving the dramatic need for soup plantation didn't help at all since I was at school in 4th period, with no lunch. What so ever. So as soon as I came home I immediately begged my mom to take me. Pleading on the floor like a 5 year old wanting to go to chuckie cheese.
So we went and I stuffed my face like a pig not surprising considering Ive been craving it for months now. But now I wanna die in a hole, my stomach is twisted and turned over like an omelet, I feel like I was once a bucket of soup and someone stirred and whipped me till utter bliss and I was stuffed/suffocated with the worlds worst food and then rolled into a ball.
Yes I over-react sometimes...but in other words....
I always here people talking about the Melrose flee market and about how amazing it is and I finally got off my butt and decided to look it up, my dad volunteered to take me, so we went and as we entered we where stopped and surprised with an entree fee of $2 dollars per person.
We entered the messy crowded parking lot, with scattered jewelery on fake wood tables, the jewelery reflected luminous light that was blinding our eyes since the sun was beaming on it so hard. The vintage clothing was sweating and the smell had lifted in the air and filled the place with a suffocating smell that almost grabbed you and choked you. The price's where disappointing for a "flee market" and the owners where not very fluent in English, grumpy and inflexible. In other words they had cute boots, jewelery and clothes but the prices where "ehhh"
In my opinion don't waiste your money nor time unless your utterly bored.


Jesus Loves me.

Ughh finally I got to hang with Jilllyy jill jiill aka Jill.
Pretty simple.
Well this is my "today" outfit, along with Jills. (My clothes btw)
It was raining today and I picked the wrong day to wear shorts and Jill and I planned on this "photo shoot" for a while and the sun came out right when school ending.
Jesus loves me. Even though I don't love him back. I'm sitting hear listening to music, and eating coffee ice cream as my teeth violently chatter from how cold it is, thanking "Jesus" that there is know school tomorrow, amen.
[Sweater, express. Shorts, H&M. Shoes, wanted shoes.com. Sunglasses, urban.]
Jills outfit [Shirt, urban. Shorts, urban. Vest, vintage. Bag, vintage.]


Summer is in bloom.

This is Selda, my friend and she believes that she is not beautiful and she believes that she doesn't have good style but I just say she's an average teenage girl, but in this photo she is boldly wearing a dress of her moms from the 60's and Steve Maden pumps. Drop dead gorgeous photo, correct? Wish I would love to say photo creds, even though I didn't take the picture.
Selda someday will be a guest model on Nylon weekday, which is the daily outfit.
I went home sick today because I wasn't feeling well, so I couldn't do it today. (obviously)
Selda's style of what I see in pictures is bold, original, inventive and expressive as in it is what her mood is, which relates to me. One day I'll where cowboy boots and a long baggy t-shirt and jeans and my hair in beach curls, and another day such as tomorrow I am wearing the mix of a white feminine tank with a sequined bow, high waisted black shorts from H&M, a floral vest, and Dr. Martins.


White houses.

So as you know, my blog has been going through renovations. Well I finally got my new canon rebel xsi and I am in love.
I had a BIG birthday party yesterday at bay st. my aunt brought her RV down there and we had a little Hawaiian themed party, and luckily the weather was nice.
So my friend Mallory and I are "like" obsessed with NYLON magazine and we decided that we would make our own mini inspired magazine to motivate people who can't afford the real deal designer items. The outfits below are not the best, but tomorrow Mallory and I will have a "photo shoot" (you could say...) and along the way we will have guests in our Mini Magazine.



Happy birthday to me! Canon rebel, BOOYAA BABY.


What am I going to do when the best thing was, loving you.

Magically these photos represent the mood I am in.1960's Mr. Harvey's glasses, from the movie based on a true story the lovely bones.I'm still alive, but I'm barely breathing. Just praying to a god that I don't believe in. While I got time he's got freedom. Because when a heart breaks, it don't break even. Dead flowers.Well as you know my birthday is this Friday and on Saturday I'm having a party and its going to be Hawaiian themed and It will be at the beach..but On Saturday of May 22Nd it is going to be 69 degrees but sunny. I'm pretty mad.It is exactly 1 month away from graduation, 1 month away till summer. 1 month away till freedom.


Gap. Gay and Proad,

Hey, hey.
Well lettme explain my daily dose of everything.
I always check out cobra snake's photos, I check out "Little plastic horses", "fashion squad" and "Fashion toast." Yes that's my daily dose of everything fashion.
The picture below is copied from littleplastichorses.com
I just love this weekly outfit plan.
Especially Monday,Saturday and Sunday.
My friend Erin has got me hooked on rave music. Yeah its pretty ehh but it's addicting.
You follow? Haha
One of the songs I like the most is "Major Lazer-Pon De floor"
I am actually listening to it right now.
Lately I have been looking for graduation dresses, and shoes.
I'm still stuck on these Scorett shoes, they shape dramatically like Japaneses Anime moon boots/wedges.
The wedges at the bottom are reluctantly from gap, they are $100 and the bows caught me at..Hello.
Floppy bowed wedges, and a floral dress, sounds like spring/summer. :)