Gap. Gay and Proad,

Hey, hey.
Well lettme explain my daily dose of everything.
I always check out cobra snake's photos, I check out "Little plastic horses", "fashion squad" and "Fashion toast." Yes that's my daily dose of everything fashion.
The picture below is copied from littleplastichorses.com
I just love this weekly outfit plan.
Especially Monday,Saturday and Sunday.
My friend Erin has got me hooked on rave music. Yeah its pretty ehh but it's addicting.
You follow? Haha
One of the songs I like the most is "Major Lazer-Pon De floor"
I am actually listening to it right now.
Lately I have been looking for graduation dresses, and shoes.
I'm still stuck on these Scorett shoes, they shape dramatically like Japaneses Anime moon boots/wedges.
The wedges at the bottom are reluctantly from gap, they are $100 and the bows caught me at..Hello.
Floppy bowed wedges, and a floral dress, sounds like spring/summer. :)

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