Summer is in bloom.

This is Selda, my friend and she believes that she is not beautiful and she believes that she doesn't have good style but I just say she's an average teenage girl, but in this photo she is boldly wearing a dress of her moms from the 60's and Steve Maden pumps. Drop dead gorgeous photo, correct? Wish I would love to say photo creds, even though I didn't take the picture.
Selda someday will be a guest model on Nylon weekday, which is the daily outfit.
I went home sick today because I wasn't feeling well, so I couldn't do it today. (obviously)
Selda's style of what I see in pictures is bold, original, inventive and expressive as in it is what her mood is, which relates to me. One day I'll where cowboy boots and a long baggy t-shirt and jeans and my hair in beach curls, and another day such as tomorrow I am wearing the mix of a white feminine tank with a sequined bow, high waisted black shorts from H&M, a floral vest, and Dr. Martins.

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