Jesus Loves me.

Ughh finally I got to hang with Jilllyy jill jiill aka Jill.
Pretty simple.
Well this is my "today" outfit, along with Jills. (My clothes btw)
It was raining today and I picked the wrong day to wear shorts and Jill and I planned on this "photo shoot" for a while and the sun came out right when school ending.
Jesus loves me. Even though I don't love him back. I'm sitting hear listening to music, and eating coffee ice cream as my teeth violently chatter from how cold it is, thanking "Jesus" that there is know school tomorrow, amen.
[Sweater, express. Shorts, H&M. Shoes, wanted shoes.com. Sunglasses, urban.]
Jills outfit [Shirt, urban. Shorts, urban. Vest, vintage. Bag, vintage.]

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