Melrose fleemarket

Hey. How was your memorial weekend?
I know my weekend was great, and getting back to school today was defiantly the hard part, considering that I could barely hold my head up I was so tired, and craving the dramatic need for soup plantation didn't help at all since I was at school in 4th period, with no lunch. What so ever. So as soon as I came home I immediately begged my mom to take me. Pleading on the floor like a 5 year old wanting to go to chuckie cheese.
So we went and I stuffed my face like a pig not surprising considering Ive been craving it for months now. But now I wanna die in a hole, my stomach is twisted and turned over like an omelet, I feel like I was once a bucket of soup and someone stirred and whipped me till utter bliss and I was stuffed/suffocated with the worlds worst food and then rolled into a ball.
Yes I over-react sometimes...but in other words....
I always here people talking about the Melrose flee market and about how amazing it is and I finally got off my butt and decided to look it up, my dad volunteered to take me, so we went and as we entered we where stopped and surprised with an entree fee of $2 dollars per person.
We entered the messy crowded parking lot, with scattered jewelery on fake wood tables, the jewelery reflected luminous light that was blinding our eyes since the sun was beaming on it so hard. The vintage clothing was sweating and the smell had lifted in the air and filled the place with a suffocating smell that almost grabbed you and choked you. The price's where disappointing for a "flee market" and the owners where not very fluent in English, grumpy and inflexible. In other words they had cute boots, jewelery and clothes but the prices where "ehhh"
In my opinion don't waiste your money nor time unless your utterly bored.


  1. i dont know why clothes that old (but beautiful) are so expensive

  2. ahh all that vintage jewelry! i love it!
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