I'm back.

Yeah, It's safe to say I gave up, I lost, my inspiration, but it's also safe to say that I re-gained that inspiration coming back from the best and brightest place I have ever set foot at.
A little town called Idlywild.
I went to a camp 2 hours from Los Angeles, up a big mountain, above palm springs.
A place I never thought I'd blend with, never thought I'd care for. I came there to do what I came to do nothing else. Never expected to change my way of life, never expected to find a new family, or to re-gain inspiration never expected to come home crying wanting to be back there. Where the tree's hung long and slim, and I lay under the stars, the milky way. Where I was surrounded, by inspiring caring people. Dancers, singers, artists, actors, musicians. Anything and everything that has to do with art.
I for one, was there for acting on camera. And I for one, came home new and whole again.
I met my new family, I breathed the air of my new home and for this 2 year project I am determined to go back there, not just for summer camp but for boarding school junior, senior year. I make a promise to myself that thy shall accomplish in time.
This year I am going to high school, I am in the performing arts magnet, I will be at school from 7:40 to 4:30.
I will work my ASS OFF.
After the long day, that includes, math, science, Shakespeare, literature, drama, dance, and Spanish, I will come home to more dance, homework, vocal lessons and studying.
Great. And this blog will hopefully keep my spirit and inspiration alive.


    i love it
    your amazing
    and i love how your just so amazingg