Art is?

What is art? By definition art is described as, "the products of human creativity"
which in my opinion I do suggest that is right. But there is a little more too it.
Or allot, that's why I have decided to name my blog something cheesy related to art.
Art is a way to center yourself, to express your individuality, and to be creative.
And a big part of art is to find your inspiration. As for me, I am an/and want to be, soon to be actress.
I went to a summer camp called Idlywild, an art's academy and not only was the camp on a gorgeous location, with full-grown redwoods, freshly cut grass, the beautiful open sky, and perfect people, but it had inspiring young adults, absolutely breath taking.
It makes you want to re-think your choices in life.

I met allot of wonderful people. In fact my 2 roommates where dancers.
The people across the hall from my room, where actors like me!

(And just an FYI, acting on camera, and theatre are to completely different things. So theatre experience isn't going to cut it in the movie business.)

My friends ranged from: Comedians, actors, dancers, fine artists, directors and singers.
I went to a choir concert and it was unbelievable, these young kids have the voices of angels.
But anyway, art can we expressed in so many different forms and allot of people really don't understand what it is. But to start its, special to have artistic ability since if nobody had it, than everybody would be dull.


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