I've got a story

Dear Life,

Please bring me picnic's on the beach, Bonn fires, money, shopping and happiness because right now, you, life have brought me nothing but boring long days I spend alone, headaches, and babysitting jobs. Fun?- No.

Love always,
Samantha James

Sorry I have been a little MIA at the moment, for what its worth, I surprisingly, have not cared about clothes. I already got my clothes now I have to go shopping for my soccer/dance clothes soon! Yay! Anyway my day's have been filled with a sleepy dark depressing mood, that covers me in aches and pains all throughout my body. Headaches, blind spotted eyes and no one, I repeat no one to hangout with.

I have fiends, actually...I was supposed to go to the beach today with my friend Jackie, but the sun decided it didn't want to come out, and I have a babysitting job in an hour or so. Ugh my fun filled life has been temporarily on hold and has brought me no parties, no laughter, no...FUN.
Way to spend the last week and a half of summer, eh?

Right now as I type I'm sitting at my desk in my room, with the blinds closed and a huge mess of sheets and clothes bundled up and scattered through-out my room, so number one tip- STORAGE. Something that's not processed through my dizzy lazily head, yet.

**I'm going to put a list together of amazing skin care products, sunscreens, and hair products of the era. Then a list of great makeup. Trust me, I'm only 14-but and I say but- I'm a sephora/cvs addict so I have about in time tried EVERYTHING to know whats good for who. Cocky? Yeah sorta. True? Most defiantly.

Left- Diva<-------> Right- Esme

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