Hi my name is Sam.

Today I saw the other guys, I do have to admit it was humorous, but it didn't make me cry of laughter which I was sort of hoping, like in the commercials. It was oki. But good, still worth the money, it was something to do...but anyway yesterday I went school shopping with a limited budget and since I do have to admit I'm such a great shopper I got over 7 outfits at about $200.
Plus a backpack and face wash, makeup etc. All brand names too. How did I do it??

1.) Plan ahead, what you want.
2.) Don't be afraid, to shop sale's as long as its not ripped and bad quality.
3.) Take your time roaming other store's, comparing.
4.) Pick things out that you know you can mix with other stuff.
5.) Some extra help from madre, on the shoe's and other stuff. ;]

I will post pictures of the outfits I got, where I got it from, and price.

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