Hello kitty.

Hey well I'm still sick everybody.
Ugh the pain is endless and tiring.
I feel like I'm going to die.
No, I'm not being dramatic.
I'm stuck here watching Kit Kitrage, its actually not that bad.
Stanly Tucci is in it, and he's like one of my favorite actors!
The girl in the movie (Kit) has a really awesome Polaroid camera.
Joan Cusack is in the movie too.
And, in my opinion she act's drunk in every roll she plays. She annoys me.
Very much so. I made a tumblr, but I do have to say blogger is so much better. I didn't make a tumblr to make another blog on fashion, just to show people pictures I like.
Its pretty lame, but it's something to do.
Hopefully, I will get better so I can do something fun this weekend.

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