April showers bring may flowers

Hey everybody, sorry I haven't blogged in a while, haha.
Well C0@che!!@ was fun.

And I'm just kind of sitting here at the computer, dreading dreading dreading.
The most awkward and boring month of all months.
Rain, rain. tests, tests.
Boring, bored. Bummed Blahh.
Waiting, for may to be here. The best of all months, the month that actually shows spring is here! The flowers bloom and everything! plus...

1. My birthday!
2. Tests
3. Field Trips!
4. Graduation prep.
5. Other peoples birthdays and party's!

But anyway.

As we all know culmination is coming up.

Why maybe? Because of budget cuts.

Yeah, usually culmination is on the quad with white chairs stacked across campus, and big flowy canopy's hung high, once we see the chairs get laid out and the canopy's hung high, the stress is suddenly released because that is just one step closer to being summer.
The greatest feeling of all.
But no, we might have to do it in the auditorium (Gross.)
And not only that, we would have to do it in groups last names starting with a-m
But as I was saying the shoe's are from Zara, and there so cute.
They are def. on my wish list.
Hopefully I'll get them before graduation so I could where them with some dress that I haven't picked out yet.
O yes, and I have GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

"FOR MY BIRTHDAY, I'M GETTING A CANNON REBEL XSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry not trying to brag, just super excited.

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