Sugar, sugar how'd you get some fly?

(The photo's got really un-organized.)
Hey, sorry but school has gotten me twisted, and busy.
But no worries.
Hey, ever wonder what Sponge Bob and Patrick would look like as humans?
Well check this picture out, haha.

Lately I have been addicted to two things.
1. Lookbook.nu
2.The beach.
Lookbook, gives me allot of ideas, and inspires me.
I found a few looks that I liked ENOUGH to post on here.
1.) A droopy sweater, and comfy grey sweats sagging into a modern form. Back studded heels, make the outfit less casual and put on a better appeal to it. Defiantly the most comfy thing to wear.
2.) Awh my favorite casual thing to wear. Actually something I was going to wear originally tomorrow. A denim jacket with a grey unzipped hoodie under neath, a striped over sized cotton knot, and black leggings (The leggings I'm wearing tomorrow aren't the same synthetic material as shown below, there real leather with gold zippers at the ankles.) And grey conveinstead of white. And and and, a lavender paisley scarf.
3.)The last outfit wich is on the top I actually like allot since its very casual ad something I could where easily, except I would love to get some Scorett black heels for my birthday, or "Who we see fringe boot" oh there so amazing, the tall lace up boot, with Kittie detailing at the vamp.

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