asdftgyuikmnbveytumjg > It's a mixture of all of that.

Life is boring. And every once in a wile I blank out and my eyes go weird, my head starts aching and I can't see, it usually doesn't happen often, but lately its been happening allot. I have no energy and all I do now is eat, sleep, and want.
Every morning I'm craving more sleep, and I'm craving fattening food. I'm to lazy to exercise, and eat healthy.
I'm stressed, and bored with life at the moment. "May, please hurry, hurry!"
I'm counting the day's till my birthday, I'm counting the days till I get my Camera, my canon rebel xsi.
Lately all I want is stuff, clothes, electronics stuff. I want, want want.
I wish it was easy to meditate into a comfortable state of mind, I want to be energized and calm, and thin.
I'm counting the rolls on my belly also counting the day's till the beach trip. Uh-oh.

I'm tired, please help me.
I crave, brown pocket bags, white laced tunics, Dr. martins, and fringe booties, denim denim denim and square sunglasses.

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