When I was little I used to wonder in the forest because that's where my parents put me. -Ellen DeGeneres.

Hey everybody.
Today I stayed home sick, with a vile case of what may be the stomach flue.
I woke up at 2:00 am sharp ran to the bathroom, and threw up.
Gross I know.
I don't know whats wrong with me,
but all I know is that I have 4 really important tests to make up.
Yea it sucks when you have to make tests up, considering your teacher moves you to another class, and it's always conveniently loud and, hard to concentrate.
Yep, story of my life.
Anyway, I spent the whole day sleeping, and watching Julie and Julia.
Uhh the word's that they use to describe the food makes you melt into a warm bliss.
My favorite part is when Julie, makes the toast drenched in olive oil with sliced tomato's and onions all over it, the way they eat it and you can hear the crunch makes me what to magically appear in that movie and replace the actor just so I could film that scene and eat the crunchy toast with cold tomato's- oh yes.
After the movie I toke a long nap.

After I woke up, I had a sudden craving for an omelet and a sudden craving for a new vintage clothing line. (So, I searched vintage clothing online and somewhere I went I finally found, what I was dreaming of..)
A while back, I commented on the Cobra's snakes, immature photography, but now I'm slowly changing my mind about him.
He has a clothing line now, or shall I say he sells clothing.
And I really like it.
I love the sweater below, the geometric pattern and black square sunglasses with it, along with high waisted jeans shorts. -Which I have plenty of.
Same with the black grunge 70's band shirt, and worn Gucci shirt.
(Which happens to be sold out :/)
The clothes, are organic and original and have a 70's vibe.
Reusing clothes, and making old pieces into something new is defiantly a good way or recycling.

All the way down is a few photo's of JCDC's runway collection.
JCDC stands for Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.
Jean-Charles is a really interesting designer, he has designed outfits for Rhianna, Lady Gaga (go figure) and many more.
His previous line, was representing a wild/sweet feel to being alone in the forest, a perfect fit for a Bambi theme?


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