Fill me up, steam me up, hear me shout, tip me over and pour me out.

[jacket-dkny jeans, shorts-urban outfitters, top-gift]
Hey everybody.
Well the countdown for Coachella is 4 DAYS!
If your wondering what Coachella is, it's a festival.
Basically, a 2-3 day festival, and they have camping and rides, and food and bands.
This year jay-z will be performing and a few others.
The festival is known for its wild costumes and people, believe it or not its also known for it's "FASHION??"

Down below there is a picture in 3 column's:
KATE BOSWORTH: Kate has jumped on the bandage-skirt bandwagon for this festival outfit, pairing a red lace number with a slinky white tank top. Kate often flies under my style radar but I love how she has managed to look modern, on trend and comfortable all at once.

CHLOE SEVIGNY: Wearing a simple floral dress over a t-shirt, this look is reminiscent of 90s grunge, one of Chloe’s favorite fashion eras, it seems. Add to that some black socks, red lipstick and a pair of Birkenstock sandals and you get one festival outfit that is all Chloe and totally unique.

KIRSTEN DUNST: Remaining calm in the face of fashion-obsessed onlookers, Kirsten has served up a simple festival outfit, comprised of a vintage-inspired lace dress, flip flops, wayfarer sunglasses and her style staple, messy rocker-chic hair. Kirsten is not the most fashionable at the event, but probably the most comfortable.
I got the idea to do a post on Coachella, from the Sunday's image section in the paper of Los Angeles.
Coachella is sometimes described as an adrenalin rush, wild people, lights flashing everywhere, crazy music and after 3 day's of there food, a stomach virus from a- Coachella diet. :p
(BTW, I'm in love with a new band and there, name is "He is we" check them out.)

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