Pastel's? It must be easter.

Hello everybody, everything, anyone who would be ready this.
Happy Easter !!
Easter is a funny holiday to me, the pastels, the pointless use of buying candy, the colored eggs, the people dressed up in fake bunny costumes, the ham we eat at dinner?
I don't get it.
But any who another store we went into was, yea you guessed it (maybe, not) American vintage.
I don't know what more to say? The title says it all "American" and "vintage" of coarse they had cute vintage clothes.
High-waisted jean shorts, sunglasses, sequined costumes, and boots, boots, and MORE BOOTS!
(Oh, gosh I'm such a girl.) :)

As I write this I'm watching Coco before Channel, and my input on it, is that its pretty sad, but extremely interesting and inspiring.

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