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Melrose part 3

Hello everybody, well the next store I went to was foreign exchange.
The clothes where unique and not the same as everybody else, there was no bedazzled shirts, and no gross synthetic fabrics.
The people that worked there, where very friendly and nice.
I met a sweet lady there (actually 2 ladies) but one of them had a blog too!
She said she just started but I can't wait to get the link!
The prices of the clothes where good, and reasonable, so worth it.
I saw a floral skirt there for $29 and I'm defiantly going back there to get it!
But that's such a key thing is good services.
The place was clean and the lighting was dim and mysterious, the clothes where neatly arranged but a little cramped, and there was shelves on walls stacked high with accessories on the them.
Well I watched COCO before Channel, and seriously I could not finish it, the whole movie was in french or something and I wasn't in the mood to read the subtitles.
It was interesting and the actress in my opinion was not the best, unless Coco actually acted that..umm what word should I say? Odd?


  1. hey pretty lady! sorry you didnt hear from me sooner...but im here :) how come i didnt see this blog earlier? its absolutely fantastic! loving those fringed purses!!! xoxoxoxoxo