"Forever young"

Hey everybody, guess what song I have stuck in my head!
"Forever young" yep the most, catchy song ever, so easy to get stuck in your head.

Yeah, its annoying, just as annoying as Bad Romance, I mean I "once" liked that song.

Till, Kis Fm. over played it. <:[
Anyway, part 4, melrose.
As we all know the best store in the world is wasteland. (well, one of the best stores.)
you can find wasteland at 7428 Melrose Ave.

Dim lighting, the smell of dog food, heat strokes, and vicious girls trying to find clothes through the cluttered mess, although its a cluttered mess (at times) its still the fun joy of wrestling someone over some piece of cloth, just like in new york city. ;) I'm winking for thous of you, who know what I'm talking about if you ever read the news paper. The lady that worked there (one of the ladies) was really nice, she had a long silk dress on with blue wedges and a big snake ring on. Nuf said.


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