The nice jewish boy in hollyweird.

Hello everybody.
This is Melrose part 1.
Well today my dad and I went to Melrose, and we have been planning this for a while but nothing could quite fit in our schedule.

Melrose is such an interesting place.

Not the most luxurious as you would expect on Fairfax and Beverly.

But still it was nice.

Besides the trash scattered high, the holes through out the road, the traffic, and the most inconvenient parking places. Due to the fact that most parking spots, "Fail/broken."

As we walked down this busy street we passed a bunch of empty stores up for lease. As I observed there was an empty lot, that had graffiti at the top that read "THIS IS WAR."

My conclusion came to the fact that by "This is War" meaning, because of the economy its so hard to keep your store open. Which is quite sad considering this is how some people make a living, or some peoples passion that they cant keep.

As we struggled to find a parking spot we Finally caught one until my dad realized that he had no Quarters "wawawaaaa" so he asked some random old guy if he could give him change for a dollar.

And the old guy proudly gave him 3 quarters and 2 dimes and a nickle.

The women with the old guy gave my dad a quarter and my dad gave the old man back the 2 dimes and the nickle and the old man said "Aww I see you only except quarters, I only except $100 dollar bills." my dad laughed and said "yea" and as the old man walked away he said "He's a nice Jewish boy, Mazeltov." my dad looked at me and laughed, simply because my dad is Mexican, nowhere near looking like a "Jewish Boy".

The first store I stopped at was a small business owned shop called "Timeless" or should I say boutique.

It had really fragile elegant clothes, with good prices, they also had another Boutique right across the street next to Aldo.

Thank you, expect part 2-4

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