I have big dream's.

Hey everybody, sorry I haven't blogged in a while.

Its spring break, you cant blame me.

On Monday I went to universal studios with my friend Taymar.

(a familiar name, huh?)
Most people really don't like the park since there is no rides.
But I really enjoyed it, since after all I want to be an actress.
We got to learn how special effects ,etc. are done.
We also go to see the desperate housewife's set !!!! Ahhhh Taymar and my favorite!
The night before we spent all our time watching last seasons episodes.

So much fun.

In the photo I'm wearing the sunglasses from :urban.

Yesterday I went to the beach with my friend Mallory, and Taymar.

Taymar toke some pictures on her professional camera, and I was wearing my new swim suit, but unfortunately she can't upload them till Sunday :(

(wink, wink, dad.)

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