Cig. fab or bad?

Hello Everybody. I'm so happy I'm on spring break :)

Plus I had so much fun today, even though it was exhausting.

I went to probably every single mall in the united states, in search for a new bathing suit.

The one I was looking for was from Victoria's secret, ugh I wish I got it (even thought the one I have now is still okay.)

It was from Victoria's secret and it was a balconet top, it was coral pink with white polka dots, and it was simply amazing.

Our last mall we tried was 3rd street and to get in, it was pure luck, pure positivity, which is what I was aiming. After all I was feeling a little bad since, I couldn't find a bikini. The reason we had to be lucky to get in is because it was hot today, a perfect beach day. but we got a perfect parking spot and had a great time. (Me and my dad.) We tried the Victoria's secret there but couldn't find it, so

instead I got a beautiful bikini from pacsun with a bold tribal print on it.

Along with some flip flops and sunglasses I got from urban outfitters.

Again, today was nice day, and so will tomorrow be.

Since I'm going to universal with my bestbestbud Taymar Cox. :D


I was noticing that lately in all high-fashion and vogue photos models are smoking.

Is this a fashion statement?
I say it looks cool, and chic.
But is it so cool when your older and have cancer. No, I'm not saying all models who take a photo with a cig. are smokers or addictive but I'm saying its an example there making to young girls like me who want to be inspired. Just throwing this out there, but its gross, and nasty-bad habit= ugly.

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  1. don't talk about something you don't know about.