A few of my favorite things....

Hello people of earth! Boy, have I missed you.
No seriously I have been dreading dreading dreading the fact I had to catch up on homework and not blog.
Well I'm happy and refreshed since this whole week is,,,,,,,,SPRING BREAK!
Ahhh cheer with me, my eyes are lite up with glee and a big smile is on my face, (you don't even know.)
I'm in stress free heaven, I'm eating a big bowl of coffee ice cream and watching Ellen DeGeneres, awhh the sweet sensation of life. I have my laptop on my lap, and I'm excited for tomorrow.
Why? I don't know, I Just am.
I'm going to spend my day randomly, going to yard sales and flee markets.
Well, I just got my first issue of nylon! (ahh so excited, to get more!)
And, I fond this photographer, and then another one and another and I just started saving the photos on my computer, and here they are.
A few of my favorite things! Enjoy!
Except for some photo's that are cred's to my friend Janelle Flores.photo above done by Janelle Flores.Creds to janelle flores.


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