Sailing on Concrete.

Titlte inspired by a parked boat we saw on the street.

Hello everybody.
Well obviously today is Tuesday. Early dismissal of 1:30, which means it's "Haley Day."
Yes, the day where my precious beautiful friend Haley comes over. Haha.
Haley is wearing a skirt from Urban Outfitters.
A shirt that she found for $1 at jet rag, and tights.
I on the other hand, am wearing a skirt and shirt from H&M, Haley's coat from bp, Nordstroms, tights from express and boots from Macy's.
When ever Haley comes over we usually get dressed up, and walk around my neighborhood and take a million pictures of each other's outfits, for lookbook.nu, weardrobe.com, and of coarse my blog. :]
Most people call us conceited, but the truth is, is that none like some people, Haley and I want to create memorize of the age that well fly by before our eyes.
And plus its fun.
Down the street from my house, there is a swing that is so fun.
The swing is hung by a tree that is curved on a hill, so it always fun to swing on it since it goes higher.

Thankyou everybody.

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