Rude Boy.

The tittle inspired by the song stuck in my head called "rude boy" by Rhianna.

Well, Dior fashion show toke place march, 4. 2010.
Well in my opinion the photographer of these photo's "Mark" doesn't take the best pictures, clearly because he's not in the best seats.
If you want to check him out his web URL is: http://www.thecobrasnake.com/.
The photos are rare;y full body length. It seems as if, he's to busy trying to get the picture of the model on time, instead of actually caring about what the picture looks like.
In theory-not a good picture taker :P
Dior's fashion pieces toke on a genre' of mysterious, and sweet.
A big dark trench coat, with a light soft and sweet floral dress underneath and leather patent knee highs.
oh, the greatest things about a Sunday...
O wait there is none?!
Simply because I have to do homework, and go to school tomorrow..ughhh. Dreading, dreading...dreading.
Well one exciting thing about tomorrow is I'm starting a diet.
For now on I want nothing to do with fatty food's, I must stay away from starches, sugar, sodium.
:P Yep. Summer is coming and I have a bunch of things on my list and one of them is being healthy-er.
Ever heard of a bucket list?
Well my friend Shayna and I had a deeply stupid conversation about a bucket list, and how the word bucket is weird when you say it a million times.
But what word isn't weird once you say it a million times?
Bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket.

Wanna know what's on my bucket list?

you prolly (probably) won't care, but here it go's....

1. Rent bikes on Venice beach and ride all the way to the Pier.
2. Go to melrose.
3. Go to magic mountain. (which might happen for my best friend "Erin's" birthday. I saved over $100 (shocking I know.) and I'm going to take her to magic mountain for her birthday, coming up.)
4. Swim with dolphins.
5.Clean my ugg boots which Ive been meaning to get too.

Well that's all, buh-bi everybody.

Enjoy your sunday while you can.


  1. What are you talking about? Those pictures are UH-MAZING!
    The clothes look so touchable and purrrrty.

  2. Ehhh. i preffer full body.
    miss you lotss!! <3

  3. woops.
    o btw sullivan if i where you i'd stop pointing out every mistake and flaw i make, k?