The wedding grammy's.

Hey everybody, did you have a good weekend? Did you watch the grammys?Well the Grammys has its fair share of crazy outfits and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry where one of those people who whore wild and out there outfits. Boy, in my opinion its the same thing over and over again, same performances, same speeches over and over again.. same. but what isn't the same is the style that these young musicians capture.Example 1. Standing on the red carpet with a bold white dress, or shall I say wedding dress?
Sparkles are in? They will always be in style. Hopefully. I really like Taylor swifts dress, its great for her body shape.

Rhianna, in her white..I guess you could say "her white bold daring epic outfit." Yea, that works.

Rhianna, was on the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday, and was wearing this fabulous dress, big bold cut outs and colors piling on her shoulder and at the tip of her skirt, flashing lights everywhere as she sang "Please don't stop the music!" The crowd was wild, and of coarse...its Rhianna.I personally love her style. Its daring. Sometime I just don't get people..for instances Lady Gaga, although I do like what she is wearing, her shoes are recognizable and they are probably designed by Alexander McQueen.
So I have this joke between my friend and I, and its when a person changes clothes allot, your supposed to say "Don't go all Lady Gaga on me!" Ahaha, well its funny to me, because I did that allot. The more I look at this dress, the more I feel I need to own it...
Especially the little prop in her hand..hey, what do they call that? O yea a..SPIKE BALL?
The beach blond hair at the top of her head and the comic book colored yellow hair at the bottom. The darkened eyebrows, along with the soft pink lips. If only she had Kate Shillingfords hair color with this outfit, she would be an ice person. (I felt the need to say person instead of princess because I didn't think it was appropriate :/) Beyonce shows of her curves...
Beyonce wears a beautiful architecture-inspired gown.

Lady Gaga, I am sorry but this is un-acceptable for an award show.

This is one of my favorites!
Keri Hilson wears a donning strapless feminine champaign colored mermaid dress.

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