My failed attempt to steal shoes from my mom's closet, and be a BAD ASS.

Hey everybody :)

Well, wow today was a pretty slow busy day.
I started my day off, by going to the Culver City music center to sign up for some guitar lessons!! :D And as soon as I am able to play the guitar I will post a video.
Then I went to this vintage store that I have been dying to go to, since my dad and I, drive past it all the time, its called "Me and Blue" on 6Th and rose.
The address is - 566 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291
Or you can go to the website MeandBlue.com. The owners name is Emee
So I finally went in to check it out, boy it was just the cutest store, everything is all original, the lady that owned the shop also worked there and she was very friendly and very interested in the fact I have a blog too. Someday we will partner up, I'm sure :)

Her blog link is..


Exactly that.

Also today, one of my really good Friends went into labor, and I am so anxious to see her baby boy!
My friend also has a blog: http://teenmommaspeaking.blogspot.com
His name will be Jay Michael Vargis!!! Cant Wait!

Well as I was looking for inspiration I ran into photos of Emma Watson, she now models for Burberry, but I saw these Teen Vogue photo's from August (yes I know I'm late.)

But I love them!
Outfit below: Shirt by Dolche and Gabanna and skirt by Erin Fetherston.
I don't really know who the outfits are designed by after this picture. But I just love the photos.

This one is my favorite. :D

My Bad ass Coyote shirt, a necklace and an orange skirt.

Excuse my facial expression, I was looking at runway photos by Alexander McQueen, and was thinking to my self why the models never smile, are they told not to? So in my mind, while taking this picture, I was trying to act all Bad Ass and to cool for you.
But as you can see, I failed at my attempt and ended up looking bored and annoyed.
Shirt:My dad's old coyote shirt from Palm springs. Skirt:Forever21. Necklace:Express.
Heels:Vintage by J. Renee.

Banana Skirt, is what I call this photo.
The card I am holding in my hand is the business card from the owner of "MeandBlue"her name is M.E. that's her initials..I like spelling it like this, (Emee).
I found some old black and white oxfords from my mom's closet. And my dad kept asking me if my plan was to steal them ;)
Shh! Skirt:H&M, or as I call it, the Banana Skirt. Shirt:Forever21.

It feels like we wait for all eternity.
Dress:H&M. Shirt:Urban Outfitters. Scarf:Express. And my mamma's oxfords.


  1. ooh! Thanks for posting about me. Love the yellow pencil skirt. So cute. XO, M.E.

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