Give me that BAG.

Hey everybody. (I would of done an explanation mark, but then I would sound to anxious)We can do it! Sorry Alexa but this picture is wrong. Anorexic looking celebs, are not great examples of a role model. They only inspire women to starve. Although she makes great hand bags.:}
Ever have that tingly feeling inside when you see a freshly suited and polished handbag?
I know I do. Trust me walking by the "Coach store" in the mall, is like a little kid in a candy shop, eyes bobbling out wondering left and right.

Vintage inspired satchels, by Alexa Wang.
Indian Jones brought satchels back in style ;)
I knew a guy named satchel, he was cool/weird. Except he was always talking about bionicles. :/
I think my mother has a satchel, its in hounds tooth my eyes have Ben glued to it for a while but its full of junk ://

Also an Alexa Chung design, just thought it was adorable so I had too!

Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I absolutely love this bag. Well as we should know, the style on handbags right now is the vintage channel look, a leather front with a chained handle.

Also by Marc Jacobs. Orange is my favorite color, and this would make a great purse for lets say a Beach party. :)

NO, SCRATCH THAT I WOULD LOVE SCHOOL!!! Also another Marc by Marc Jacobs, it looks like an ocean African safari type bag...(In my weirdly odd opinion.)
(Here that dad!)(Please, please please!)

This is the Vintage channel handbag that is really in style right now.
The one I was comparing Marc by Marc Jacobs too.

Prada, came out with there 2010 new release of these magical injustice handbags.

Beautiful for the beach Right? I just think Prada is a little weather confused right now, because its winter and the summer/spring isn't coming for a while and when it does these handbags will be outta style.
In less hypothetically they did that on purpose?
Hypothetically of coarse.

This is a vintage Versace bag, that toke a while to find.

I'm not really into the hobo handbag look, although I did find this bag from Gucci another designer I'm not a big fan of but look at this! Its to dies for!!!!
When I was little, I was a little hippie kid who was into the whole hobo look. (Not in that way) And I remember saying to myself when I'm older this is going to be my signature...but that didn't happen, I ended hating this look.
Weird, huh?
But, this bag has a weird slouchy look to it, in a very high fashion way.

I love this beautiful framed bag, its not vintage but it certainly has the vintage appeal to it, which is very up~to~date with its over sized industrial hardware. One can arrive with at a retro modern polished look with the right shoes and accessories.

Ps. I have this friend who has a blog, and its pretty intresting check it out...
Btw, (By~the~way) there is an organization called soles for souls and it distribute gently worn shoes to Haiti, so bring some used shoes over to sports chalet, the end of it is by tomorrow.

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