"Lets get rich and buy a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants."

Well I have agreed to myself that, my last couple blog post where extremely boring/annoying. No one said that to me, except my paranoia. Anyway, as you might or might not know, Sat. Jan 23, is when fashion week in Berlin started. A bunch of designers came and showed off there pieces. The fashion show was sponsored by Merscadies Benz. Young designers of all kind, came and this is what they offered.... This piece was designed by Michael Sontag, yes I agree, its winter..bring the flannels back!
Piece designed by, Paolo Errico.
I had no clue Berlin Fashion week started this Saturday, I thought it started next Saturday. So clearly I had to do allot of re-search. Well that's an exaggeration...no seriously I did no re-search what so ever. :]
If I had a million dollars I would die to see these shows. I would not have to download these from google. It would be all live baby!

Piece by, Michalsky.
Out with the old, in with the new puffy puff puff jackets :) (Thats my word for them!)

I found these glasses, in a photo gallery of pictures from Berlin Fashion week.
Im not sure who they are disghned by but if you look closely you can see to "c's" for Coco Chanel.
Its funny since I was just dicussing with my father how much I uterally need sunglasses.
As I talked to him and begged him for some, and tried to convince him how the sun was always in my eyes, that very moment..it was raining...
Sad, huh? Story~of~my~life. :/

Beautiful dresses by Freda Weyer.
The 3rd dress sorta looks like Minnie Mouse gone sexy to me. :)
Haha, I like it. Its very sexy but suttle and modest at the same time.

Also another Freda Weyer. This dress reminds me of the kind of weather we are having.
Well, were.
Its funny because in my class we had a new kid who moved here from Michigan
and when he came, he thought it was going to be warm and sunny...sorry pal.
So a few days ago, he came with no sweater and was standing out in the cold, so I asked him why he didn't bring a sweater and he said it was warm in the morning...my thoughts, "Umm okay? That's the coldest time of the day." So long story short he kept coming to school with no jacket and the same excuse...today I found out he moved back to Michigan because he couldn't handle the weather. LOL.

Freda Weyer.

Creation by, Stine Goya.
When I saw this dress im almost died, of agony knowing that this dress is about a thousand dollars and not even in a 10 years savings of allowance could I ever afford this!
Plus, it would be outta style!! UGHHHH!!!

Also by Chaya.

Designed by Chaya.

Designed by Christina Miraldi.

Creation by, A-Lab Milano
Boy, this model looks happy.
Are they told not to smile? Because it corrupts the piece and the dramatic form of it?

Thankyou very much. :)

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