Hey, cowgirl.

O~my~god !

This song by the Beetles, has been stuck in my head all day! Its driving me mad!
;] Here's the link. "I want you so bad" by the beetles.

Well anyway, ughh I'm so tired! I had 4 test today!
O and today in Science we were able to play with dry ice, like mad-scientists!! Ahhh it was so fun, dangerous and AWESOME! We also had to wear these weird looking goggles, that you would usually see on Lady gaga :P

I don't know what it is, but I have a sudden love for ankle high cowgirl boots. I saw some at urban outfitters. Since they went so outta trend I'm going to look around, at vintage shops to see if I find some! :D

Get your cowgirl on...

My dad asked me if I wanted his old cow boy boots, so I tried them on, and they were not nearly small enough to fit my feet, at the same time some sharp thing was poking me inside the boot and hurt really bad.
Well changing subject, a girl who always wheres dresses with cowgirl boots is Taylor Swift.
Taylor always has a very cute look. "A dress with some cowgirl boots", as she puts it.
This look has a failed attempt to look like her style...

My random look.

Some cowgirl type boots, from urban outfitters. Oh, and the white boots that I put up because I couldn't bare my self!
Is it me, or does shoe addiction come easily? Just saying. (No, but seriously I'm just saying..hope I don't get sued or cussed out for saying that word :O)

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