Wrap yourself in a blanket of this.

Hi to everybody and everything in this world. Its Sunday! That means, theres only 2065 days till 2012 and we all die. (No, I didn't do the math to that, I looked it up on google, and apparently some loser already did.)

Nah I'm just joking. Today is Sunday and I am 1. excited and 2. not excited.

1. Because I get the image section in to paper, and I have good news.
2. I have school tomorrow and since this semester is ending, I have like 4 tests!!@#!$#@%^&
I know, what has this world come to...

Anyway as I reading in the image section of the Sunday paper, Alexander McQueen has came out with a new line, as said by Adam Tschorn its "dedicated to the lovely bones, based on the lives of seafaring folks who dwell in the harsh conditions near the north and south poles." Well that sentence seems wrong to me.

First off, the lovely bones is a book/movie and that phrase isn't commonly used. Second, the north and south poles are going through global warming changes, such as melting and heating. Third, he should just say its his end of winter line? Right?
I still do like the line very much.

Sorry Alex :)

Well anyway, as I was reading the Sunday paper, Versace came out with a new line, the writer Adam Tschorn, said "It was a hell of a light show!" and in my opinion "The quality of the fashion was techno, geometric, and versatile." Versace always has some thing to do with the fake stereo type of the future, as if in the future everything is going to be plastic, and perfect shaped? Mayb, mayb not. Again its what makes him unique, and I like the fact he could make some thing so bold and different, and somehow be able to fit some flowers or something in the outfit. Haha.

Love the shoes on this one.

Oh and did I mention " Fro's are a go! ;] "

No, seriously they are. And I will be sure to make a post on it. Soon!

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