Kaleidoscope eyes.

Well today, I went to my Best Bud's house...Fifi, or Fiona. She surprised me with this really awesome set, for a photo shoot, it was so creative and so amazing. Her backyard is just amazing, oh and so is Fiona's photography.

You see Fiona has a blog as well, but its barely viewed so I think you should check it out. LOL.

This picture was taken in front of an old worn down vintage building were an art gallery used to be, but I'm guessing since the rent was so high they couldn't afford it. Haha.
The shirt is from urban outfitters as well as the shoes, the shorts are from express along with the tights.
For some reason this picture makes me want to sing "Brick house."

Skirt from H&M, shirt from forever21 and I got it for $4 bucks!

I couldn't get out. Don't ask.

Haha well Fiona thought it would be nice to rip some holes and then let me put my head through it... :)

Shirt is from American Apparel, Dress urban outfitters,tights from express. Dress from H&M, tie-dye shirt was my dad's.
Well this picture is funny, because this was taken right before I almost fell to my death. (Thanks Fifi....) So the latter was planted on a curve..sorta..and I climbed up to take this picture, and Sunny (her dog) barked, and it surprised me, so I twitched a little and the latter wobbled and its funny because as I was falling Fiona is just standing there laughing, while trying to take a picture of it...yes great friend, right? Good news tho, I saved my self somehow, from 1. Falling into the mud below and 2. dying. :/ Haha
just kidden. This is Fiona the AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!!


  1. you're outfits are amazing :] If i was your size i would steal your skirt from H&M right away, haha. oh & i followed your friend Fiona, her photography is amazing

  2. Aww leor i love you!! We



    make plans


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  5. I totally agree! I think the last time i saw u was for 2 seconds when I ran into like two years ago with ur dad, u might not remember, & then last time we actually hung out was like my halloween 4 yrs ago, or ur bday like 4 yrs ago, haha

  6. THANKS SAM! oh and i and i need to make a new post!
    Thanks for the new followers