Hello everybody! Well guess what, I got Braces!! Yes, I know! Terrible...right? Well Its not that bad, besides the fact it makes me look like a shark...
I feel like I could be casted for the sequel to "Jaws."
Well be free to call me all the names you want...brace face, mettle mouth, monster, shark...oh and whats that other one? Oh yes! Loser...I'm talking about me, not people with braces in general...:/ Haha.

We in yesterdays blog, I shared a link to a store called, http://www.andreawinkler.com/ its a vintage store. Very sheik and super cute. I didn't really have time to look at there clothes yesterday..but I did today, and fell in love with a couple of pieces. I found it, because I was on google looking for non-nude pictures of clothes for American apparel-natha, but I did find this site. Check it out! This dress, has a very urban style to it..and would look great with some black and grey oxfords!

This was one of the items I fell in love with. (Here that dad!) It would make a perfect beach outfit for summer! So I'm in no rush to get it...well I am because its vintage and theres only one in stock!#@#$%^$%*(^^
Very cute, looks like it would make a great party dress with some studded gladiator sandals which my friend Catleya is borrowing, but I have no problem with it, since I borrowed her dress. :)
Haha thanx Cat! Again~the~spell~check~hates~your~freak'n~NAME!!!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, it reminds me of those tourist people arriving in there chintzy floral shirts, and tightly packed luggage. With there weird tan lines. Like if they were at an island destination. But this makes that stereo type burn off into the distentions, and makes me want to take out my empty wallet and buy it! I was watching my favorite show yesterday, "Ellen DeGeneres" and she was sent a funny commercial by a fan, and the commercial was a destination in the U.K. and it said "Sandy Balls island resort" :O What~a~name!!! :DD Funniest thing ever!

I like this, but it reminds me of my best friend...Erin! :D
Ger birthday is in march so I'm thinking of getting her it!! But shh!!!

Found this and loved it! $25 bucks, I know what I'm wasting my allowance on :P It reminds me of a vintage jersey for like baseball or something :P LOL.

polka polka polka polka...dots . . .

Very chick, bhah bah bah I'm lov'n it :)

Love the dress, but I doubt it will look good on me..not stating I'm fat, just saying it wont look good with my shape? Unless I add a black belt, You follow? I don't know. But speaking of Waite, in p.e. when it rains all 340 or more students cram into a cold small gym with out p.e. uniform that defiantly were not made for cold weather -_- t-shirt, and shorts..(feel very sorry for me) , and do writing assignments, lame yes I know. Well yesterday we did an assignment on anorexia and oh my gosh, I was dying..."545 of teen girls die of anorexia each year..blah BLAH BLAH" all I was thinking was shoot me..I like to eating..end of story and how sad is it, that boys have to read about it? Huh? haha.
Ever notice that we don't call our p.e. teachers coaches? Well its good, because that would sound weird with my teachers name "Coach Conroe."

This dress reminds me of the old school teachers, but with a much modern twist.
Maybe not?

Beach dress.

Oh, this pattern is so suttle and pink, and makes my insides tie up into a knot, and roll into a ball like cookie doe. :)

bumbum bum bum.

This dress reminds me of the new release of the Rodarte line at target? hmmmm.
Which I think is to~die~for, but I'm broke.
:/ Haha.


  1. wow, great blog :]
    & thank you for introducing me to that
    vintage website