Elegance is refusal. 1940-1950's fashion.

Hey everybody, well today I stayed home sick, I know what your probably thinking..."Man she is always sick!" Not true. Just lately. Anyway, as I was sniffling, and coughing and wheezing I was watching a cute old 1940's film called "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and as I was watching it, I noticed there clothing and how unique and beautiful it was, so I did some research and found a lady that takes pictures of models in 1940-1970 inspired clothing. She has a flickr account and that how I found her.
Her name is Sabine Davis. And she does wonderful photography.
Here are some photo's:

My favorite. Another Favorite.

Shoes... :)

Another one of my favorites.


  1. thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I love the layout of your blog and the pictures are very nice!!