The grey day.

Hey everybody. Well bad news, I'm still sick as a dog. But in other news as I was roaming around through the Internet looking for I-D magazine subscriptions and looking at Kate Shillingfords clothing line, I ran into a photographer named Robert Sigler.
Styling by Cat Wennekamp.
Here are some of the clothes along with the designers.

I have been listening to this sorta sad but interesting song by Regina Spektor.
You must check it out!
Its sickening, Ive been watching the same movies over and over again, such as yes man, and the Hannah Montana movie (Yes I'm lame, I know.) I also watched this new-ish movie called the "Clique Girls" and its about these 4 rich girls who are the queen fashonista's of the school and blah blah blah, but anyway they had some cute clothes they were wearing that gave me some ideas.

Dress by Toga.
Defiantly something I would wear.
Jacket by Alexander Wang, skirt by Ann Demeulemeester. (What a hard name.)

Top by Balenciaga.

On the right the top is by Phillip Lim.

Top by Tom K Nguyen, skirt by Alexander Wang, vintage headband by D. Caruso

Jacket by Nuj Novakhett, body suit by Wolford.

Top by Balenciaga.
Thankyou every body :)

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