Lets all take a walk on the wild side of life.

Hello everybody! Happy Superbowl Sunday! I'm going for the saints, I don't know about you..

Well today My dad and I, went walking around on Abbot Kenny. Its an outdoor mall sorta kinda place, and we ran into allot of nice shop owners, and ran into allot of ADORABLE stores. Stores, that I would have dreams about, in crystal clear view, stores that would convince me into thinking I owned those clothes, than I would wake up, and realize I have nothing. The first store that caught my eye, was a store called "Zingara" the shop owners name was Donna Humphrey, and she was really nice, and had such adorable clothing as well as shoes that where mostly clogs, that she brought back in style. Her layout in the store was unique and the tiny antique nicknack's she had brought emphasis in the room. She also had an amazing bathroom, as I was talking to her she told me to check it out, and in my mind I was thinking "That's not weird at all."

Haha, anyway sorry for the sideways photos, I thought I had edited them in my Picasa, but it didn't work.

This next store was called "Firefly" and they had allot of unique and beachy styled clothes. By beachy I mean great for the beach.T

This store was probably one of my favorites, although who am I to choose over such selection?The girls at this store where so bubbly and nice, the store was spread out like a forever21. If you thought the store franchises such as, American apparel, urban outfitters,etc. are expensive, your wrong. They had allot of tie-dye colored clothes, and lots of flowy summer shirts and skirts. Which makes me excited for spring/summer! I found a pink purse below that made me laugh, because everywhere I look there is an add in a magazine for puffy puff puff jackets. (Made that word up-no copyright)The style of this store was more of a punk or grunge look, surprisingly it worked for me. Usually that's not my type of style.I don't necessarily like fake animal print, especially leggings with fake cheetah print on it, but these lagging's where soft and comfy and where so worth what they where priced. Most of the stuff on abbot Kenny was very expensive, but most of it was worth it. Cost and worth are 2 very diff. things, but it means nothing to me what the cost is, as long as its worth it. a I met a lady in this store called "Bohemian Exchange" she was very nice, and seemed very pleased of me for asking if I could take photos in her store, because I have a blog. As her and my dad made conversation, I wondered off into the store, I went in her dressing room, it was huge and had a very vintage appeal to it, I ran into her black and white Cat. The dressing room had mirrors stacked up high. The clothes where unique and cute and the price rang was decent. I ran into a sweater that had colorful bright patches sewn onto it. As my dad shook his head saying no I thought about what I could do with it. I liked it, and it had this sort of street style to it. I saw a necklace made out of tightly sewn cloth balls, it reminded me of a necklace that Tavi wore in her weardrobe. http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/ The white dress was made of this delicate lace, and was priced $35 dollars, I was about to get it, but it wouldn't look like it would fit me, maybe a stick. So much for One~of~a~kind. But seriously I erg you to go down and check her store out, such a very nice lady and such a cute store.

The next store was a store called "ms vintage" I really liked there clothing but it was a bit out of my price range. They had 2 adorable dogs, that welcomed us in the door. In the window they had a pair of gold boots that caught my eye and a heavy houndstooth coat that was to die for! They had the most cutest sweaters there. The strang prints and the soft mateial bought me! When I get more money, instead of serpassing the stores, I will look through out every single inch of the place.

It was such a joy to go around Abbot Kenny and meet new people. There where alot of other cute stores to look at but some where, closed, and some where unfriendly and unwelcoming. I found this store (I dont remember what its called.) with this bohemian vintage look, with great price ranges and had men and womens clothing along with a hairsalon in the back. But the lady was sort of unwelcoming and rude. I said Hello, and asked her if I could take pictures for my blog, and she just looked at me then went back on her computer. So I cleared my throught and asked again, and she rolled her eyes. Maybe she was hard of hearing but its just to bad. Next Weekend im going on a hunt for thrift stores in beverly hills. So keep checking in with my blog. Thankyou and sorry for such a long post! Go saints! have a good day.


  1. omg the first store called Zingara or w/e is my favorite store ever on abbot kinney

  2. yessss!!! I love the clogs and the velvet clothing!