Paper Bag Princess.

Today My dad and I went around Rodeo Drive and Beverly hills.

We first looked at thrift stores, that where amazing! But we didn't have the most of luck. :/
There was a thrift store called "Sequels" and since there is no parking in Beverly, we had to look a while and finally found one spot and we thought we would be a while so we used all our quarters on that one spot, and we walked over to Sequels, at about 12 pm. on a Saturday and they where...CLOSED!!@@!@$#%$^&(* I was so pissed, I was walking down to the car, past restaurants and shops, and most of the doors where open and people where listening on, to what I was saying as my dad walks behind me as if he didn't know me. One of the reasons I was pissed is because we looked through the window of the shop, and they had a vintage channel purse!

Yeah, that purse that Ive wanted forever, that purse I'm gaga over? Yeah and they also had allot allot of adorable stuff. But they where closed. So ooh well, I'm not giving them a good review.

Another place we tried was Club 99 Iraq, and yes that sounds like an army surplus store. But for all I know, the address said 433 North Camden Drive. So we went to 433 Camden drive, and all we saw was a huge wells Fargo a couple of dark offices and a famous dude named Eric something from greys anatomy. He walked down the stairs of wells Fargo with his wife as if he was calm, and perfect. He looked so, as well. It was not until he pulled into his silver range rover, and drove off that my dad said he was the guy from greys anatomy.
I swore I saw Robert Downy Jr. in a range rover too. But a diff. model of the car.

The Paper Bag Princess, a very elegant couture vintage shop.

Oh, it was like heaven, walking in there and seeing all the sequins, and shoes and color and jewelry etc.
I as I frolicked around in the store, I ran into a sweater much smilier to the one the Lady that owns the blog Fashion Toast is wearing here, but obviously it wasn't the same.
The lady was very nice at the store, her name was Melissa and she was so sweet and pretty, she should us a special place in the store that had a bunch of vintage clothing from the 30's and 40' etc.

Hats stacked high, overlooking a beautiful chandelier, down dropping a display case full of diamonds and jewelery, etc.

This dress reminded me of something Rodarte would make.

Thank you, and you can find "Paper Bag Princess" at 8818 West Olympic Blvd, Beverly hills, CA.

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