The best kind of love is forgiveness.

Hello everybody.

I'm happy I had a pretty good weekend. And the best part is, is that lately Ive been waking up...loving life, ready to do something and be known. The past Sunday my friend Haley and I, finally hung out and went to the Beverly center. We had So much fun. More fun then Ive had in a long time.
I got this sweater from a store called Heritage, and it was $9 bucks. The last time I saw it, it was $40, what a deal. As my dad would say in his cheesy quotes, "You cant beat that with a stick." I feel ashamed to be his daughter. -_-
Just joking.
So anyway my friend and I, toke some pictures of our new clothes. Haley, got a poncho/coat (I guess you can call it that.) And let me just credit myself, "I am the one who picked it out" fyi.
[Today I wore it in a diff. outfit, I wore a stripped grey and black dress, with tights and ugg boots, and the sweater.]
btw (by the way), the title comes from a pretty funny story. So as you know, my friend and I, where at the mall and we went in a store called "Goddiva", well technically we where driven in the store by a guy holding a tray of free samples, he kept moving as we reached are hand toward the chocolate, finally stopping at the display case full of over priced and delicious chocolates, Haley and I were struck by the aroma of the room and our eyes wondered through out the store finally stopping at where the chocolate covered strawberry's where. The guy smiled and looked at us as we licked our lips. " 2 for $7 or 4 for $8" he said out load. "Dark chocolate or milk?" he asked. Haley shouted out "Dark chocolate! Sir, you have made my day." I said so anxious to get the strawberry's in my hand "Haley I love you" "I love you too, Sam." Haley looked at the clerk and said "I love you" while he packs the strawberry's in a bag neatly he says "I love you too, and the best kind of love is forgiveness" I thought to myself, yeah our wallet will have to forgive us :/
And yes, your prolly thinking, the guy made a sale off of two stupid teenage girls...and you are correct but it was so worth it. NO JOKE. So this whole day today, I have been craving chocolate. (Mmmm that sounds good rite now. )

Today In science class, we are required to join up in groups and create a song about elements and the periodic table....ill pass.
But it does seem pretty fun.
We have to pick a song (any song) and then replace the lyrics with stuff about the pt. or elements. But do you know how hard it is to find a good song? So if any of you guys who are reading this, know of a good song, please comment and tell me!

This is a test for the next...AMERICAN IDOL!

haha, I had to say that. :P


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