Fashion within the fashion.

2 words.
Well I don't know why but I'm in the mood to write in big letters.
Well, first off If you didn't already know, I live in Los. Angeles, except one thing...it doesn't feel like Los Angeles, because its cold, rainy, windy and the air is dry which makes my lips red, and my nose irritated.
Well there is a guy who does photography on almost everything, and here is his link: http://www.jeremyscott.com
So as I was lookeing through the photos I found a runway show by Jeremy Scott. And I really like the clothes, except for the fact the photos are not full body. The clothes part 2 look like church inspired clothes. (No seriously like church; cathedral, not the clothes old people where, even as cool as that would be.)

Thankyou everybody.


  1. hey man, just saying, the insporaton for this collection was fashion within fashion, like the worship of fashion, the need for labels. jeremy scott is gay so he doesn't really like the catholic church...
    but i like to post. http://jeremyscott.com/ is probably a better place to get pictures.

  2. oh and the pictures were taken by the cobrasnake
    and no credit is pretty fucked up ahah
    if you change the link change the pictures.