Inspiration goes far...

Inspiration goes far. I see it all the time.
On facebook photo's, famous blogs, fashion photography, small business owners. Its all around us.
But is it a good thing? I would have to say yes and no.
I love looking at people's blogs and I love getting inspired. But its hard to look at something that is nearly hard to resist. As in clothes, sometimes I find things dreadfully beautiful and cute and I suddenly want it. And then I want this, and that. But I just cant afford it. I am 13, I am a child. I have no money, and of coarse my parents give me allowances but c-mon, lets say I want to see, a movie with my friend, guess who's paying...me. I'm the worst savor of all time, when it comes to money. Well I if I have $100 I will save it, but if I have $5 dollars it will be gone in 5 min, guarantee. But even if I save it, it will not be enough to go shopping, since now a shirt costs $20 dollars minimum, that's not allot, but its when you find a million other things you want as well.

We all know, that vintage stores are the cutest places in this whole entire world, but there expensive. (Not trying to sound like those people who are all against designer clothing and what not.) But I'm just saying, have you ever noticed? I was looking at a blog today called "Fashion Toast" love the amazing photography and style, loved it to the point where I was inspired to dress up and take pictures as well. So my when my dad was done taking pictures I was looking through them, and they where not nearly as nice as tho's, AT ALL. Every photo my dad takes I have to edit because of 2 reasons.
My Nikon cool pix takes immature photos, and my dad's not the best photographer (No-offence dad ;) and the photos turn out to be nothing compared to the inspiration I'm always looking at. Sometimes I give up, I give up on homework, and school, and friends and this bog. Because its all overwhelming. Because I look at fashion and I want it.
And its always hard to have something you cant have. Well enough about what I want and cant have, my daily dose of inspiration is:
Blogs, Fashion Toast, Jack and Jill, Fashion Squad, Sea of shoes, Little plastic horses, Bohemian Musings, LE fashion, Style Rookie.
Places on line: Weardrobe, lookbook.nu, flickr, facebook (sometimes)
Stores: All the small business stores on Abbot Kenny, Urban outfitters, Forever21, H&M, Modcloth.
Magazines: Nylon, Seventeen, teen vogue, vogue, I-d.
The camera I love and want and need: Nikon D40.
Singers: Regina specter, Ingrid michaelson, Neutral milk hotel, Lenka, Lady gaga, Taylor swift ;), Katy perry, Train, Anna Nalick, Chelsea Williams, Britney Spears, Oren Lavie, etc.

This was going to be my profile pictures on facebook even tho its not me, I was going to pretend it was, until I noticed the tiny strands of armpit hair ;/

Thank you for putting up with me, when it comes to myself needs ;)

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