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Hello everybody. Fuuessh, what a busy day. The accomplishments of this day are:
1.I think I did good on my science test.
2. I did very well on my math test. (shocker)
3.I recited a poem called "Annabell lee" by Edger Allen Poe. In front of the class, and was the only one to get all of it right! Just because of my natural actress ability's.
4. Taught Lucy how to ride a bike.
and yea, now I'm busy doing this blog post.
Well, I found this website called http://www.theones2watch.com/ it has allot of famous and cool photography.
Left: Camille wears a poncho by Fredrick Adrian Hornof, vintage catsuit from ra.13.be, gloves by Enya Vandenhende, shoes by New Look. Right: Pauline wears, a dress by Irina Shaposhnikova, gloves by Enya Vandenhende, shoes and earrings by top shop.
Vintage catsuit by ra.13.be.

Left: Camille wears a top,gloves & skirt by Enya, braceletes from Top shop, customized shoes by New look. Right: Dress by Fredrick Hornof (nice name), gloves from ra.13.be, stocking by H&M, shoes by new look. This is defiantly something Rhianna or Lady Gaga, would wear.
Bodysuit by Juan Henandez Daels and shoes by diesel. (I, before E except after c...something something.) :)

Today, in P.E we had to play dodge ball.
What a perfect way to release anger and stress...oh, yea, did I mention the balls where as light as balloons and they where hard to play with and the people on my team sucked because they where all girls? Haha. But seriously, dodge ball not my type of sport. Although I get all ninja on people when I play.
Thankyou everybody and nobody.

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