Urban outfitters...or more like just urban.

Sequins in? really...wow talk about a splash of the olden days ;) I'm not very sure sequins are a vintage thing but i see them ALOT ALOT in thrift stores. Lucky for ME found this cute little thrift store called the "thank you mart" down in west wood next to urban outfitters that would sell this exact item...or close. Which in fact is from urban outfitters, may i say the best store in the world? I love this sweater allot, it reminds me of like a "Rodarte" style. With some casual jeans and knee high boots or sandals, this would be the cutest beach style if you dress it up right-in my eyes.

Polka dots! What am i telling you people? See maybe i can see the future? maybe not :/ This flowy sweater would tie great with some high waisted shorts with a printed stripe on it, a red skinny belt, and oxfords. :)

Sequins again. told you...did i?

The cutest of all time..OXFORD ORIGINAL FLOWER PRINTED SHOE!!! Amazing right? Soak it up. Dad if you are reading this...this is on my wish list. :D For me, print anything with flowers on it and ill wear it...well not anything. But i, defiantly am a flower pattern type of girl :) Especially printed on oxfords.

I was taught never to wear cowboy boots, but I'm thinking ill have to break that rule because all of you should slip into a pair of these! Ankle cow"girl" boots.

I saw this in a magazine, with a skin tight floral tunic, this blazer in white and flowy ankle tight pants, with gladiators...LOVED IT.

The oxfords again.

O yes. Here is the magic. I love this boot. And exactly for no reason, the type of blankness you find when you love something and don't know why. I saw a girl wear these at a party i went too, she wore them with high waisted black shorts a tucked in grey shirt with a covered paisley pen pocket, and a navy vest. ADORABLE.

O and if you don't know what these are, you must be lost in space...these my friend..are Dr. Martins. The one, the only best shoe ever! My friend Amy Huddelson got some in white with black paisley flowers on them and i literally stare at them all day..or at least all 2nd period. We have p.e. together. :P

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