Marc by Marc Jacobs- and Vera Wang at new York's fashion week. I absolutely love this outfit with the green high waisted Capri pants.Except there oh, to mighty to be called such a lame name.."Capri" the word that someone says and you automatically get a picture in your head of a common stereo type like a nerd...with there tightly tucked in plaid shirt with kacki Capri pants on...only they weren't originally Capri's..they just got shrunk in the wash :) The highly structured shoulder on the shirt is worth wearing, it extends your body making you look taller...no joke. Did i mention polka dots are in?
The aesthetic was very 80's rock'n roll, with black lace aplenty. The skirt reminds me of my friend catleya..and what she would spar up for a hot party. :)

FIRST OFF-LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THE ABOVE- and even soo how much it rhymes :D
1. The first outfit has a very American styled look to it, the belt buckle makes a great use of shine to the outfit. The high waisted pants are adorable. And the red blazer ties it all in together. 3 of the things i tried in an outfit. Plaid.And.Stripes.And a solid. works every time as long as your colors aren't to meshed up in a bundle.
2. Second outfit. What i have noticed is, Marc Jacobs seems to like the cooling style of flowy pants that run tight at the ankles, with sandals or gladiators, belted with a tight shirt tucked underneath and a blazer. Not that i have a problem with it. I love it. Great summer/spring style.Not winter.May i point out that the shirt...again is polka dots? Catching on? LOL.
3. Third outfit. The style has very bold brights, and if you where it wrong, with the wrong accessories it might be hard to pull off. Tip- a high waisted skirt like that looks great with a belt that ties into a color lets say on your shirt. Big bangles with solid colors distract you from big vibrant patterns on a skirt, dress etc. A flowy tank with a cut off sleeve always looks good with a skirt.
History of Marc Jacobs.-
Marc Jacobs was born in New York City on April 9,1963. After Marc graduated from the high school of art and design. He was one of the top design students... go figure :P
I do have to admit..Marc's runway line for spring 010 was not that good. All the pastel colors reminded me to much of Burberyy Prorsum's last line of 09'. The models looked dead, with there white silicone faces, and fake tanned airbrushed legs..as they prance on the runway shaking hip to hip as there bones popped out in an orderly fashion. They move down the runway staring into nothing, moving at a glacial pace. Sometimes scary..i tried to like the clothes he was showing but i just didn't cut it for me. Next time he shouldn't come out with a line all in pastels right after Burberry did. :/

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