Cute vintage 1970 CC scarf. Great combo with the outfit below. :D

Amazing jacket! Defiantly cute with a navy colored cuff shirt underneath and the vintage CC scarf above... A plain tweed jacket with gold trim.

Jacket: Embroidered fantasy mousseline tweed jacket. Blouse: Printed mousseline blouse with a colored scarf Collier. pants: High-waisted pants in stretch toule with lace. Love the jacket and pants not crazy about the shirt.

This necklace was tied in with one of my favorite outfits in my favorite movie "The devil wears PRADA." As you see Ann Hathaway wearing this $400 necklace by chanel.

These show i have to have! Along with that necklace. A soft pink Coco chanel high heel.

If you don't already have this amazing classic quilted flap bag, CC turn lock and a ribbon interlaced double chain, inside a signature from Karl Lagerfeld "Shanghai Karl Lagerfeld" A Printed silk mousseline Camillia, a dream, then your a pathetic loser like me. :)

But soon i am getting one.

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