Sickness has an advantage.

Well today i stayed home, since I'm sick. With what? I don't know. I slept till 12 then woke up craving fashion. I was reading an article on a 13 year old girl named Tavi, who started a blog over 3 years ago on fashion. As i was eating my wanton soup carefully, my eyes were glued to the computer, reading the article i clicked the link to her blog, "Style Rookie"as i read on and on, her style matched mine more and more. When i first started my blog i said that scarfs where my signature..tights were hers I'm guessing. I had saw a link that said "weardrobe" i clicked on it..here it is : http://www.weardrobe.com/tavi

This girl is amazing, im talking extrordiary clothes. Vintage mixtures.

Her blog was pretty good, but i fell inlove with her style, baggy clothes on a petite girl, tights..boots..with a belt around it all.

I made a weardrobe but go ahead and laugh at it, im not nearly dont with it. i was going to do a photoshoot today once i got home from school but im to sick. Every month, or every year the poeple who have acounts on weardrobe pick the best dressed photo's, and my goal is to be in the book of best dressed.

I cant stop looking at her blog. Its addicting.

Hopefully in 3 years, maybe less ill be there. I promise to post photos of my new outfits. Soon!

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