The upside down sumerian, washer, gun thingy.

Hey everybody! Hope your Martin Luther King Jr day was good.....maaannn what a name :/

I have a new goal! :D My goal is to get at least 100 followers by September...why September? I have know clue it just seems reasonable.
Well today I wore this necklace, that went with this super cute (perfect for the rain) outfit. And I got A LOT of comments. Sometimes I wonder why people even bother? I got a few comments saying..."Is that a upside down Sumerian?" or "Is that a gun?" or even better "What is that?" my reply; "Well there is a string around my neck, and its kinda hanging here..it has some pretty flowers on it...what do you think it is? Its simply a necklace but in a abstract art form..you follow?

My friend Catleya made it..she Say's when she's older she wants her name to be Ilanie Zibbidon which is simply her middle name and last name, but we don't get to make that decision as kids do we? Even if its a totally awesome name :/. So at school I shared with them that this was an original "Ilanie Zibbidon Design" dontcha know her? She's a known designer? (Well that's not necessarily true teheheh..they believed me tho XD ) I think its cute? Ha.

Well that's my opinion.

O my I say how much I miss the day's where when it was rainy, the teachers went easy on us and we got to watch movies....NOT ANYMORE...its like a bi-polar attitude..they put even more work on us, why? They suppose we have nothing better to do?????

Ughh <:C


  1. great blog! loved Cat's necklace & the 1st picture was so pretty! :]
    btw Cat's middle name is Alani Zibindon, Zibindon's not her last name. Thought you might wanna know :] but seriously, great blog! very informative

  2. Hahah I know.. ilike to spell it ilanie cuz it looks cool XD thanx again leor!!