Siting in a Pancho eating clam chowder while listening to Indian music.

Have you ever noticed how Pancho's are just dramatically hated on? I love them. Because the key is to make it work. :D Let me say something random here- "I love music, especially the type of music you know isn't famous, and its kinda your own back round music for life." :) Just had to add that there. Haha.
Well its really funny because my friend Hated this Pancho, hated it! So did her mom, I'm pretty sure. So I said "Hmm ill take it, to see what I can do with it :/" and my friend just said "Fine, take it." Haha with luck, I found a waxy taxi black shinny belt in my closet. (Don't you just love my descriptive words...waxy taxi :)) Anyways so I found this belt and just said "Hey this can work!"
Pancho's remind me of ugly Betty, and how on her first day at mode she came in with a big blue and yellow Pancho on :/ (blue and yellow-tacky colors, in less you can make it work.)
Zooey Dashnal- My friend said I looked like her in this....nahhh. This dress is from urbanoutfitters, it toke me a while to get out of my friend ;) the reason for wanting it so badly (to barrow) is because tomarow I have this thing at school called the 8th grade awards, and I really want to win "Best Dressed!" I can see it now! Lights, flashing..fan's screaming! LOL. Just Kidden. I really dont care if I lose, its just a matter of who I lose too.

This necklace that I am wearing was actually made for me, by my friend Catleya...I call it an "Ilanie Zibbidon Creation!" she has a blog too, I suggest you read it...http://friedcufflinks.blogspot.com/ (The spell check will never like her name...sorry Cat.)

Flowy Sweater! Yes, im all for going~with~the~flow :)

Siting in a Pancho eating clam chowder while listening to Indian music...mmm mmm MMM.
Let me just say...clam chowder is the best thing ever invented in life.


  1. Just gotta say...you have made me want to dig out my poncho again from way back when!

  2. great blog, & great outfits!
    but isnt that considered a shall?

  3. Nahh dont think so leor.

    And haha heather!! Glad you injoy my blog..i injoy your photo shoots!!! LOL