Lady Gaga


If anything Lady Gaga is the person, the guru the idol of choice to listen to, the one who could sell your product and make millions. I recently got the new lady gaga cd, "the fame monster" and fell in love with the song "speechless" track 4. Lady Gaga said it was about her dad who was dying in a hospital, as i listened to the lyrics closely it said, "And your Johny Walker eyes" so i was curious to see who and what that was..well i found out its a liquor and who is a better person to sell your product then Lady Gaga??? Tell me? Cant even look at this horrid horrid picture, sorry Steph. but this is not working out for an interview. :/
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac designed and killed Kermit the frog. : / As for this piece looks so much better on this model apposed to..Lady Gaga-FASHION DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

Well i think we are all familiar with LADY GAGA the pop sensation that's sweeping the nation, not only is she a good singer/dancer...but she has a unique sense of style. I'm pretty sure all of us were in shock about her when she first became famous, how odd is it to us that she would be seen with 4 diff. outfits at the "vma's." Surprising enough, those where all designer collections, I'm not sure who tho. :/

I think we are all familiar with the hot new single out..."Bad romance" and the music video to it.

Well have you haven't seen the video i suggest you go on "you tube" and see it...NOWWWW!!

LOL. And if you have seen it, "did you notice her giant pair of alien-like pumps?" Well believe it or not those shoe's were made by a famous crazy designer...Alexander McQueen.

I love his designs but right now I'm very frustrated, i cant seem to upload the picture if his shoes and clothes. <:C

Fun Fact (Got that from the movie mall cop, my opinion..not worth $13 bucks <:P )anyway did you know that "lady gaga's" real name is Stephanie Germanotta..(i felt the need to put parenthesise for lady gaga because she's so famous :)

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