H is for helping.

Well a vintage, hand made vest-but shhh its really my best friend's...catleya-even tho she fallows me on my blog :/ Orange lace through a light color makes it standout.I got this shirt from a thrift store in Los Cato's right near San Jose. (btw That's where my family lives :P)
the Swede lace makes it look cut and finished, plus the lace makes it look antique and old fashioned.

This vest has a bunch of patches tightly fitted together makeing it look very floral-y and cute. Thsi vest was from express except its very vintage considering the fact my mom got in 1990!!#$@^^#&

MY CLOSETT! except i color-organized it after. :)

It starts like this, i wake up get some Cheerios with blueberry's, walk to my computer not bothering to open the blinds, afraid the iridescent light will burn my eyes. I go to my blog and start typing.
The End.

Well i just accomplished a goal. :D

I cleaned out my horrible closet...no seriously. I got over 5 pairs of jeans to donate to "Jeansforteens.com" over 2 bag full of clothes for a kids homeless shelter in Santa Monica. And 3 swimsuits along with snorkels.

With that accomplishment i was able to find a bunch of old vintage pieces that were once my moms..(once) and now i can use them in cute outfits, when i go back to school. :)

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