Tip for a Tip

Whats in for winter-Polka Dots
bold brights
And the ultimate affordable item- An amazing h&m motorcycle jacket it has a highfashion look-but a super low price tag!
A dip-dies tank-light colors across the bust enchance your curves on the top.
KNit mini-the high hem makes legs look long, and the clingy fabric amplifies curves.
If you are TALL-
A structured jacket, adding volume at your shoulders defines your shape in a sexy way.
Sweater- a long dramatic jacket/sweater highlights your heaight and wont overwhelm you.
ANd a full mini- a short skirt fills you out a little bit and looks perfect with flats.
and highwaisted shorts.
A one shoulder top- the swoop across your chest makes you look narrower and shows off your arms!
Yolk Waist- A v-shaped waistline defines your middle to enchance your hourglass figure.
Belted jacket- the tie-waisted pulls in your middle, but the longer lenth skims over your hips.


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  2. great blog post! but i don't think a long sweater would be good for a tall person because in my opinion a lot of tall people have a small huntch back so a long sweater doesn't look that flattering in the back. & I agree high waisted shorts look amazing on tall (skinny) people but your not considering all your readers. High waisted shorts don't flatter the chubby & tall unless it goes all the way up to the bra. If it doesn't it will show a top roll near the breast that was not noticable until the high waisted shorts.