365 days of stlye...

I really like the cabin fever look, cute mocasins with a cozy flannels. I don not like the hot fake colors on the flannels like hotpink and black checkerd board. I like the old fashion flannels. I usaully get mine from the "Thankyou Mart" in westwood next to urban outfitters. (its a thrift store fyi) Vintage things mixed with new things is my favirote style as well as preppy and indie.
The punk style really isnt my thing inless im deeply in the mood for it. I would wear ripped skinny jeans with a halfcut flowy top. ANd ankle boots, or over the knee boots.

My absolute fav. style is preppy/indie it makes a great combination and fits my personality well. Im inlove with the whole strips and tights and oxford flats style.

This is probably the girlie style. Cute pastels with small flats make a great combination.

http://store.makoollovesyou.com/shop/categories/clothes Ilove this photo its so indie and just simple :)


  1. You can't have "punk" or "indie" style as these are musical genres, and "punk" is a mental and musical thing not a fashion. Just thought I would correct those mistakes. Oh and the picture for the "punk" look is actually more of a "grunge" look.

  2. Well sam i have read your blog and it is a pretty good START. I feel that you should not be using other people's photo's but your own. I love that you put your life experiences into the explanations, but i think that it should be all about yourself. Now this is not to say change your whole blog around that is your choice. This is just the publics advice and opinions. I read an article in TeenVogue about a bunch of young girls who had created blogs about their fashion sense, style, etc. etc.... well they had photos of there style! You take a lot of photos of yourself and you could pull it off. Put a ad up on facebook, get the message out and you could become a pretty big blogger. Put some "SAM" in it if you know what i mean. -Fi

  3. But yes punk is a style because it is a little more rock then goth, and as for you, ur profile picture is nothing but a "punk rock girl" dressed in a fashion choice wich relates to that theme..does it not?

    and fifi

    Theas epictures are taken by high-fashion photoes and it takes a while to ge tthem yes i am going to take that advice gradually, but im not going to go to public, its nearly an escape for me to be something else that realtes to wha ti love.

  4. See you have the common misconception that about 70%of people have about punk, it started out as music and the thoughts of many young surpressed working class and teenage citizens , they dressed the way they did to shock people. Its not a fashion what so ever,and wtf is this crap about:"But yes punk is a style because it is a little more rock then goth" , GOTH IS fucking totally and completely different then punk , and is not a fashion what so ever , its a state of mind and an attitude. And my profile picture is a logo for a song by The Dead Milkmen.

  5. Kay well u know more then me for a girl, who states she sucks at fashion...?

  6. I only no more about punk and music , those things are my life ^_^

  7. where did you get the photos from? I Don't see that you credited them?